ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 03: Brooks Koepka of The United States attends a press confernce during previews prior to the 2018 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at The Old Course on October 3, 2018 in St Andrews, Scotland. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

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Golfer Brooks Koepka Denies Fist Fight With Dustin Johnson at Ryder Cup

Koepka also called hitting a spectator with a shot “one of my worst days.”

Despite multiple reports to the contrary, Brooks Koepka has denied he got into a physical altercation with Ryder Cup teammate Dustin Johnson after the United States fell to Europe.

The reports about the incident indicate the two golfers nearly, or did , come to blows at a Ryder Cup party on Sunday night and had to be separated.

At a press conference, Koepka refuted those claims.

“This Dustin thing I don’t get,” Koepka said. “There is no fight, no argument, he’s one of my best friends. I love the kid to death and we talked on the phone Monday and yesterday and he told me how he thought. People like to make a story and run with it. It’s not the first time there’s been a news story that isn’t true that has gone out.”

He went on to say the camaraderie within the U.S. Ryder Cup team was “perfect” and blamed the loss to Europe on poor play and poor play alone.

Koepka also addressed Corine Remande, the 49-year-old fan he accidentally hit in the eye with a golf ball after a tee shot sailed off course.

“There’s nobody that feels worse about this than I did,” Koepka said. “It’s a tragic accident what happened. I mean, I’m heartbroken. I’m all messed up inside. In my career it will be the one shot that I definitely regret. Everyone has assured me she’s going to get the proper care that she needs and hopefully I can just speak to her because there’s nothing more than I would love to do than just to talk to her.”

Remande has lost sight in the eye and reportedly plans to sue organizers of the Ryder Cup.

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