Opioid Makers Purdue Pharma, Sackler Family to Pay $270M in Settlement

The settlement is the first in a recent wave of lawsuits against the pharma giant.

War On Plastic: Hawaii, New Jersey Propose Toughest Bans in the Country

More states are saying no to single-use plastics.

Tony Romo Reportedly Seeking Record-Setting Salary to Stay at CBS

Sources say the former QB wants $10 million a year to remain with the network.

Female Inventors Are the “Lost Einsteins” of the Modern Era

The lack of exposure young girls have to inventor role models is depriving the world of their greatn...

NASA Shut Down All-Female Space Walk

One of the two women will be replaced by a male colleague due to a lack of gear in her size.

Huge Team Payroll Disparity Revealed At Start of MLB Season

Some MLB teams have payroll gaps of more than $100 million entering the 2019 season.

Michael Avenatti Accuses Nike of “Crime and Coverup” While Denying Extortion Charge

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer allegedly tried to extort up to $25 million from the company.

Yale Rescinds Admission of Student Who Got in on $1.2M Donation

The move is a first among universities in the wake of the college admissions scandal.

Billionaire Reimann Family Confronts Slave Labor Used During Nazi Regime

The family is making a donation of $11 million.

Conor McGregor Announces Retirement From MMA

McGregor hasn’t won a fight in the cage since 2016 when he took out Eddie Alvarez.

Eating Later in the Day May Be Associated With Obesity

You should probably curb the late-night snacking.

Implanted Defibrillators Could Be Vulnerable to Hacking

The FDA has advised patients to continue using the devices despite the potential risk.