Instagram Co-Founders Announce They Are Stepping Down

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger plan to leave photo-sharing platform in the coming weeks.

ESPN’s Jason Witten Rips NFL’s New “Left-Wing” Roughing the Passer Approach

The "Monday Night Football" commentator said the league has "just gone too far with that rule."

Fyre Festival Founder Claims Mental Health Issues Caused Him to Scam

Billy McFarland's partner, Ja Rule, still says the "idea was f---ing beyond brilliant."

Scientists Fed Octopuses Molly to Reveal the Secrets of Evolution

It turns out our brains have something in common with octopus brains.

What’s Going on with the Growing Economic Marijuana Bubble?

Investor interest has been piqued by a number of marijuana companies.

“Law & Order: SVU” Celebrates 20 Years of Cast Shakeups

Mariska Hargitay is still the star. Everything else has changed.

“Star Wars” Producer Gary Kurtz Dead at 78

Kurtz played a big role behind the scenes on "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back."

Missing Defense Witness Causes Drama at Bill Cosby Sentencing

Cosby is facing 30 years in prison over sexual assault conviction.

After Complaints, Disney Re-Renders Princess Tiana in “Wreck-It Ralph” Sequel

Viewers pointed out the black character's features looked more Eurocentric in a teaser for the upcom...

SiriusXM Is Buying Pandora for $3.5 Billion

The deal will bring together two of the biggest names in satellite radio and streaming as soon as ne...

Jason Miller Shows CNN Is Failing at Picking the Right Conservative Voices

Variety slams news network for hiring pro-Trump voices who come with bad behavior.

Scientists Concerned Over What Would Happen If Mosquitoes Die Off

A four-year experiment is hoping to find out the ecological consequences of ending malaria.