Telling Time In Europe May Become More Complicated

EU is discussing whether each nation should control their own clocks.

Study Shows The More Equal They Are, The Less Men and Women Want the Same Thing

Gender differences across six key personality traits increase in more gender-equal societies.

Elon Musk Unveils $35,000 Model 3 Tesla, Though It Will Cost More Than That

This signals the CEO is trying to get back to business after months of controversy.

Report: Rihanna Turned Down Headlining Super Bowl in Support of Kaepernick

After the singer rejected them, the NFL awarded the February gig to Maroon 5.

Satirical Outlet Mocks College Application Process

McSweeny’s has some thoughts on the common app essay.

The “Greatest Soccer Club in the World” Celebrated in New Documentary

The trailer for “Take The Ball, Pass The Ball” about FC Barcelona just dropped.

What Happened When Heidi Cruz’s Life Didn’t Go As Planned

She had her future mapped out when she met Ted Cruz. Things change.

Dead Brothel Owner To Remain On Nevada Ballot, Campaign Manager Predicts Win

Dennis Hof died on Tuesday, but his campaign director thinks he will win state assembly seat.

Report: Why Everything You Have Read About Warren’s DNA Test Is Wrong

The results that Elizabeth Warren released were immediately misinterpreted.

The NFL Solved Its National Anthem Crisis By Doing Nothing

The league has yet to make any official changes to its policy dealing with player protests.

Notable Facebook Shareholders File Proposal To Oust Mark Zuckerberg As Chairman

It is mostly a symbolic gesture.

The “World’s Oldest Fossils” Might Just be Regular Rocks

A debate erupts over what was once considered the first fossilized evidence of life on Earth.