Researchers Developed Method to Turn Plastic Into Fuel

The technique could help turn millions of tons of plastic into fuel.

American-Made Fighter Jets Still Flying in Iranian Air Force 40 Years Later

US warplanes sold to the country in the 1970s get homegrown hacks to keep them operational.

Colin Kaepernick Reaches Settlement With NFL in Collusion Case

Panthers safety Eric Reid also reached a settlement with the league regarding his grievance.

NASA Seeks to Start Commercial Payload Deliveries to Moon Later This Year

US space agency will begin laying the groundwork for a manned lunar space settlement.

Ja Rule Wants to Throw Another Fyre Festival

He’s considering making an “iconic” musical fest in the future.

NFL Analyst: Tom Brady’s Replacement Could Be Colin Kaepernick

Cris Carter said New England could sign Kaepernick instead of drafting Brady’s successor.

These Were Opportunity Rover’s Last Heartbreaking Words To NASA

Farewell, old friend.

Man Who Killed Lion Barehanded Recalls “Wrestling Match” For His Life

The Colorado resident said he and the animal tumbled down a slope together.

MLB’s Oldest Scout, Who Discovered Cal Ripken, Dead at 93

Tommy Giordano spent more than seven decades working in professional baseball.

ESPN Legend Chris Berman’s New Gig Mocked Mercilessly on Social Media

The former “SportsCenter” host will be calling a handful of Red Sox games on local radio...

A “Breaking Bad” Movie Is Coming To Netflix

Get read to break bad again.

Why it Doesn’t Matter that Amazon Failed in New York City

The company’s investors will keep it afloat because they don’t care.