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Report: Ryder Cup Spectator Who Suffered “Explosion of the Eyeball” After Being Hit With Shot Will Sue

Corine Remande lost vision in her right eye after being struck by a stray shot by Brooks Koepka.

A Ryder Cup spectator who was struck in the right eye by an errant tee shot off the club of Brooks Koepka plans to sue.

Corine Remande, 49, lost vision and suffered an “explosion of the eyeball” when the American golfer’s drive on the sixth hole hit her.

Although it was initially reported that Remande was taken to the hospital at a precaution, her injury was apparently much more serious.

Remande is upset officials did not shout any warning as Koepka’s shot sailed into the crowd and feels the organizers of the event are at fault for what happened to her eye.

“I didn’t feel like the ball had struck my eye and then I felt the blood start to pour. The scan on Friday confirmed a fracture of the right eye-socket and an explosion of the eyeball,” Remande said. “More than anything I want them to take care of all the medical bills to make sure there is no risk of infection.”

After the ball struck her, Koepka did go over to check on Remande’s well-being before finishing his round. “It looked like it hurt,” the 28-year-old said afterward.

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