How Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Hide From Paparazzi?

In her new book, Harry: Life, Loss and Love, Kate Nicholl, a Vanity Fair contributor, provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what happened for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when their relationship first hit the tabloids. In late October 2016, their relationship became public and a week later, Prince Harry took the unprecedented step of releasing an official statement from Kensington Palace, asking the press to respect Markle’s privacy. The couple was forced to work hard for some peace and quiet after the world knew of their relationship, and Nicholl’s book explains the great strides the two went to in order to keep their relationship flourishing. Nicholl writes that when the story broke, the prince was with Markle in Toronto. The couple took shelter with Markle’s friends, Ben and Jessica Mulroney. Spread over three floors, the Mulroney’s home became a safe place for Meghan and Harry because no one knew where they were. Then in November 2016, Markle flew to London to visit Harry, but the actress told friends she was convinced the British press was “out to get her.” She and her mother were constantly hounded. That is when Harry released the public statement, acknowledging that Meghan Markle was his girlfriend and that she had been “subject to a wave of abuse and harassment” that was sexual and racist. It was the most powerfully worded public defense of privacy any member of the royal family had ever issued, writes Nicholl. Prince Harry was criticized and it opened a debate about press freedom.

Rules to Protect Space Might Not Stop U.S. From Going to Mars

Last week at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego, California, President Trump told Marines, “Very soon, we’re going to Mars. You wouldn’t be going to Mars if my opponent won, that I can tell you. You wouldn’t even be thinking about it.” This statement is a reiteration of plans the president announced last year to establish a branch of the U.S. military that only prepares for war in space. But Trump is not the only one to recently express space-faring ambitions. At SXSW, Elon Musk restated his plans to establish a “permanent base on the moon and city on Mars.” But legally speaking, colonizing space is not that easy. The foundational piece of space legislation, according to The Outline, is the Outer Space Treaty, which was ratified by the U.S., U.S.S.R., and many other nations in 1967. This treaty states that nations are not allowed to place “nuclear weapons” or “weapons of mass destruction in space.” Any celestial body must be used exclusively for “peaceful purposes,” which might put a damper on Trump’s plans for his “Space Force.” The treaty also states that noting in space can become a national territory, which is an issue for Musk’s plans as well. Any base or settlement on Mars would have to be free to use by anyone else who can travel there.

New Doc Looks at the Marriage of Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller met on the set of the1951 movie As Young as You Feel. As the story goes, Monroe was crying when she met Miller. At the time, Monroe was upset about the recent death of her agent and paramour Johnny Hyde, and she was casually involved with Miller’s friend Elia Kazan. Monroe and Miller shook hands, and Miller later wrote, “the shock of her body’s motion sped through me.” Monroe wrote of meeting Arthur, “Met a man tonight … It was, bam! It was like running into a tree. You know, like a cool drink when you’ve had a fever.” When they met, Miller had just won a Pulitzer Prize for Death of A Salesman and Monroe was still a star on the rise. They eventually started an affair while Miller was still married and in 1956, after Miller got divorced, Monroe and Miller got married. In retrospect, it is one of the strangest celebrity marriages in 20th-century American history. A new documentary, called Arthur Miller: Writer, which was directed by Rebecca Miller, Miller’s daughter from his third and final marriage to the Austrian photographer Inge Morath, explores her father’s relationship with Monroe. It is comprised of home movies and interviews Rebecca shot of her father in his later years. During a recent New York Times interview, Rebecca said that she felt like she shouldn’t be in the room when her father was talking about Monroe, that she shouldn’t know the things he was telling her. She also said it was “very tricky” to create a portrait of her father that included intimate details of his first two marriages, and also that wasn’t diminished by Monroe’s presence. “I was constantly trying to cut it down again because she has so much light coming out of her,” Rebecca said, according to The Ringer. “So much charisma. I just said, ‘OK, how can we penetrate the mystery a little bit of this woman and this man and in the end find some clarity?”

Conservationists Are Trying to Build a National Park in Iraq

A determined band of local environmentalists are trying to form Iraq’s first international standard national park. Undeterred by hidden land minds, militants and air strikes, this group is trying to carve out an enormous protected area of roughly 460 square miles — for comparison, that is about twice as large as Zion National Park in the United States. Over the years in Iraq, there has been widespread environmental destruction, most recently at the hands of the Islamic State jihadists, reports National Geographic. But the conservationists are trying to build both a wildlife sanctuary and a symbol for a more peaceful future. “This could be a recipe for the rest of Kurdistan, the rest of Iraq,” said Salar Chomani, a mountain guide and big supporter of the park, to Nat Geo. But the group faces a lot of challenges. The location of the park is in the far northeastern corner of Iraq, in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, and the site has never been easily managed. It is very rugged, and its inhabitants have fought long and hard against any sort of outside control. The park is very close to Iran and Turkey, and in order to create the park, the group will have to pacify the “Devil’s Triangle.” They also have no money and very little political support. But the young team truly believe they can make this happen. They are used to improbable challenges after seeing their homeland survive countless crises.

Report: ESPN Could Tap Elle Duncan as Permanent ‘SportsCenter’ Host

In the wake of ESPN removing Jemele Hill and Michael Smith from their roles as co-anchors of the “SC6” version of “SportsCenter,” the network has been looking at potential replacements including Sage Steele and John Anderson.

According to a report from The Sporting News, add Elle Duncan’s name to the list.

In an interview piece with Duncan, The News suggests that Duncan – who already anchors “SportsCenter on Snapchat” with Katie Nolan and periodically hosts the main version of the show – could be tabbed to replace Hill and Smith.

Duncan, who joined ESPN in Bristol in 2016, will be taking maternity leave later this year so any promotion to hosting the primetime edition of the show would likely occur when she comes back.

If she does get the call-up to the big leagues, it sounds like Duncan would be ready and willing.

“I would revel in that opportunity. I think it would be an incredible opportunity,” she told The News. “The opportunity to have a new opportunity would be incredible. On the other side, I just get to continue what I’m doing now. So I’m in a good situation. I have to be honest, you telling me my name has been thrown around, is sweet. All of the speculation that I hear is purely Twitter.”

Democratic Congressman Suggests Using Second Amendment Against Trump

Tom Suozzi, a Democratic congressman from Long Island who is seeking re-election this fall, implied that Americans should pick up weapons and oppose President Trump if he doesn’t follow the Constitution, reports New York Post. Suozzi made the remark during a town hall last week, saying people who oppose the president might resort to “the Second Amendment.” “It’s really a matter of putting public pressure on the president,” Suozzi said in a newly released video of the March 12 talk in Huntington, according to NY Post. “This is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly, because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?” Someone in the crowd asked “What’s the Second Amendment?” to which Suozzi responds, “The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms.” Suozzi political adviser Kim Devlin denied that the politician was calling for an armed insurrection. Suozzi recently participated in the March 14 student walkout for gun control outside the U.S. Capitol and called on the young people in his district to back tightened gun laws.

Trump himself has used similar language to Suozzi’s. He told a crowd at a rally in North Carolina while campaigning that if Hillary Clinton were elected and able to nominate a Supreme Court justice, there would be nothing that gun supporters could do. But then he said, “Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Brazilian Transgender Volleyball Star Stirs Debate by Eyeing Olympics

Tifanny Abreu is one of Brazil’s most talked about and controversial athletes. And it is not because she is one of the top-ranked players in Brazil’s professional Superliga, the country’s premier women’s volleyball league. Instead, it is because Abreu is transgender, which has made her a polarizing figure among volleyball fans, reports The New York Times. Volleyball is an incredibly popular sport in the country, second-most only after soccer, and millions tune in for the games. Abreu, 33, is the first transgender player to make it to Brazil’s top ranks. She is hoping to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and experts say it is likely she will. She would make history as one of the first openly transgender athletes to participate in the Games. The 2020 Games are expected to be the first in which openly transgender athletes will compete, The Times reports, even though guidelines on hormone levels have been established since 2016. Brazil’s volleyball team won gold in 2008 and 2012. Though some fans have been outraged, Abreu’s team has stood beside her, speaking up in favor of her playing. Other fans have called her an inspiration. “If it weren’t for Tifanny, I couldn’t even be here,” said Julia Bueno, a young transgender woman studying psychology, to The New York Times. “Sports games are not usually comfortable spaces for trans people. She is doing so much for us, so we want to do something for her, too.”

Joe Montana: Marijuana ‘Eased My Pain’

Four-time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana is now championing a new cause: marijuana.

In an interview with Playboy, the former San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback explained that his past experience with marijuana has made him want to advocate for cannabis in the future.

“Legalization is picking up steam on a global level and I feel like now is the time to spread information about the curing capabilities of this plant,” Montana told the magazine. “As with any medicine, increased accessibility comes with the need for education. Cannabis eased my pain. It also put me in a state of healing and relief.”

In the piece, other former NFLers like Ricky Williams, Leonard Marshall and Shaun Smith also shared their thoughts on marijuana and whether the NFL should remove it from the league ’s banned substance list.

While Montana is known more for throwing hot routes than offering hot takes, his stance on legalizing pot perhaps shouldn’t be all that surprising considering he invested $4.1 million in a marijuana start-up last year during a round of seed funding.

The Brewers’ Reenactment of ‘The Sandlot’ is a Home Run

April 7, 1993, was an important day in baseball history.

That of course, as any hardcore seamhead should be able to tell you, is the day The Sandlot came out in theatres.

In order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of the best baseball movie of the ‘90s (all due respect to Rookie of the Year, A League of Their Own and Major League II), the Milwaukee Brewers decided to reenact the scene when Smalls, Bennie, Squints and the rest of the gang try to get back the Babe Ruth-signed baseball that Ham smacked over a fence.

Warning: “The Beast” is not exactly how you remember him in their version.

Here’s the clip. And remember, heroes get remembered but legends never die.

Stephen Hawking Released Final Multiverse Theory Before He Died

Stephen Hawking left the world a final theory explaining how humanity might detect parallel universes. The theory was completed by Hawking shortly before he died last week at age 76. Colleagues have revealed that the renowned theoretical physicist’s final academic work was to figure out the mathematics needed for a spacecraft to find traces of multiple big bangs, reports The Telegraph. The paper, named A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation, is currently being reviewed by a leading scientific journal. It may turn out to be Hawking’s most important scientific legacy. Fellow researchers told The Telegraph that if the theory had been published before Hawking died, he could have secured the Nobel Prize that eluded him for so long. The new paper tries to resolve an issue in Hawking’s 1983 “no-boundary” theory which described how the universe burst into existence with the big bang. According to the theory, there are an infinite number of big bangs, each creating their own universe, but this presented a mathematical paradox because it is seemingly impossible to measure. Professor Thomas Hertog, from KU Leuven University in Belgium, worked with Hawking on the new theory and said he met the Cambridge scientist two weeks ago to discuss its final approval, The Telegraph reports. “This was Stephen: to boldly go where Star Trek fears to tread,” he said.

NCAA Tournament Upsets Make History, Cash

Upset wins in the NCAA tournament don’t just boost morale – they also boost bank accounts.

By winning their matchup against No. 1 Virginia on Friday night, the No. 16 UMBC Retrievers made about $1.7 million for the America East Conference, according to The Associated Press.

Under the system that’s in place, the NCAA pays out a portion of the more than $700 million in revenue the tourney generates in “units” which are based on how teams fare in March Madness. There are exceptions, but generally, a unit is earned for each extra game that a team appears in.

Units for this year’s tournament are worth about $273,000, but will end up being worth much more than that because they are paid out this year and then for five more years afterward (with about a 2-3 percent increase in value each year).

What that means is that each team that made the Sweet 16 has already earned about $3.4 million for their conference. Advancing to the Elite Eight will boost that number to $5.1 million while making the Final Four will bring it to $6.8 million.

That’s just one more reason tops seeds like UVA and Xavier should be upset about being upset.

Study: Netflix, Hulu Have More Sex, Violence and Smoking Than Broadcast TV

Since streaming services do not need to abide by the same content restrictions as broadcast television, services like Netflix often including more sex, violence and cursing.  But a new study released by The Truth Initiative — which compared seven popular Netflix shows to seven popular broadcast shows — found that Netflix’s sample shows featured characters smoking almost three times as often as those produced by networks like NBC, ABC and CBS. The organization behind the study thinks that this could lead more teenagers and young adults to smoking. “There has been a revolution in television that now encompasses a complex universe including Hulu, Netflix and an emerging world of on-demand platforms,” Robin Koval, Truth Initiative CEO, said in a news release, according to The Washington Post. “And while everybody was watching, but no one was paying attention, we’ve experienced a pervasive re-emergence of smoking imagery that is glamorizing and renormalizing a deadly habit to millions of impressionable young people.” Netflix has not specifically addressed the findings, but instead said that while “streaming entertainment is more popular than ever, we’re glad smoking is not. We’re interested to find out more about the study.” According to The Truth Initiative, Stranger Things was the biggest offender. The show contained 182 scenes featuring tobacco usage.