How “Vice” Director Turned Christian Bale Into Dick Cheney

Vice director Adam McKay believes Dick Cheney to be the most pivotal figure of modern American politics. 

Cheney, played by Christian Bale in the upcoming Christmas Day release, operated an entire second government right under his president, George W. Bush’s (Sam Rockwell) nose, McKay told The Hollywood Reporter, and was able to expand his power to greater heights than Bush ever could. 

“He operated with just impunity,” McKay said. “There’s a lot of presidents who never wielded that kind of power.”

And the liberal filmmaker sees this rise as “the story of how we got here,” with Donald Trump as president. 

“In the filming and the editing of it,” he said, “it was eerie how much it kept lining up with the (present) world.”

“I see a guy who gave it all away,” he continued. “And his story is kind of America’s story. I feel the same way about our country now. Cheney had it. America had it. Like we were rolling into the ’70s, and poverty was at an all-time low. Income inequality was like at an all-time low. I went to Temple University, a city school. I owed $3,800 in student debt when I left. The country was working, and unions were strong. You just feel we gave it away.”

But McKay also said that Bill Clinton was a terrible president.

Elon Musk Denied “Teslaquila” Trademark by Tequila Regulatory Council

In opposing Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s “Teslaquila” trademark, the Consejo Regulador del Tequila called the brand an “unauthorized use of the denomination of origin for Tequila.”

“If it (Tesla) wants to make Teslaquila viable as a Tequila it would have to associate itself with an authorised tequila producer, comply with certain standards and request authorisation from Mexico’s Industrial Property Institute,” the CRT told Reuters.

The CRT hold’s distillers in the Mexican states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit and Tamaulipas to a high standard of tequila-making and require them to adhere to strict rules and regulations when it comes to production.

In response, Musk has since tweeted that his company will “fight Big tequila.”

John Williams Composing New “Star Wars” Music For Disney Theme Park

Cue the fanfare: There’s new “Star Wars” music being composed by John Williams for Disney Parks Attractions. Williams is currently recording with the London Symphony Orchestra at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

The new, original music will be featured in two new attractions at both Disneyland and Disney World theme parks, as part of a new section dubbed Star Wars: Galaxy Edge. They will play during the attractions, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run are set to open in 2019.

The Millennium Falcon attraction allows park visitors to pilot Han Solo’s famous spacecraft while Rise of the Resistance places folks in the middle of an epic battle between the First Order and the Resistance.

A first look of the model of the parks was showcased at D23 in 2017 with two new videos spotlighting the new attractions being released this past Saturday, November 17th.

Lamar Jackson May Have Ran Away With Joe Flacco’s Job in Baltimore

On their opening drive with Lamar Jackson under center in place of injured starter Joe Flacco, the Baltimore Ravens scored — without attempting a single pass.

By running 11 straight times on the way to pay dirt, Baltimore became just the third team since 1999 to score a touchdown on an opening drive that had at least 10 rushing plays and no pass attempts. And there might have been a changing of the guard in the process.

On the day, Jackson rushed for 117 yards on 27 carries and added 150 yards and an interception on 13-of-19 passing. The 27 rushing attempts for Jackon – which came on a mix of designed play, options, and scrambles – were the most by a quarterback in the NFL’s modern era (a period that dates to 1970).

The run into the record books helped the Ravens snap a three-game losing streak with a 24-21 victory over the Bengals and also may have cost Flacco his job.

“I thought he played spectacular,” Baltimore coach John Harbaugh said of Jackson. “I thought he played winning football. … For a first-time-out rookie in an environment like that to have all those operational things go well speaks to his intelligence, his studiousness, just his ability to run the show. After that, the playmaking, that comes from God.”

Harbaugh now must decide whether to go back to Flacco once he is healthy or keep Jackson, who the team picked in their first round of the last draft, on the field.

According to Sports Illustrated, it’s really no choice at all.  “What we saw from Baltimore on Sunday was different,” according to the publication. “It was something that a lot of teams on their schedule aren’t equipped to handle from here. It was draining. And that was only, really, the beginning.”

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis felt differently following the loss, saying there’s no way Jackson can run the ball as much as he did going forward.

Lamar Jackson‘s longevity after the Ravens rookie first-round pick ran the ball more times than any other quarterback in the Super Bowl era.

“Quarterbacks don’t run forever in the NFL,” Lewis said. “Sooner or later, they get hurt, and they don’t run the same. But, today, he could run, and he did a good job.”

Considering he lost to Jackson, those comments should be taken with a grain of salt.

White House Correspondents Move On From Michelle Wolf Uproar With Serious Host

After the controversy over Michelle Wolf’s hosting, the White House White House Correspondents Association decided to take the next press dinner a little more seriously.

WHCA President Olivier Knox announced Monday that biography writer Ron Chernow will be the next host of the yearly Washington, D.C., event.

The extremely safe and uncontroversial, if not boring, pick was touted by Knox as a notable historian.

“I’m delighted that Ron will share his lively, deeply researched perspectives on American politics and history at the 2019 White House Correspondents’ Dinner,” Knox said in a statement, Mediaite reported. As we celebrate the importance of a free and independent news media to the health of the republic, I look forward to hearing Ron place this unusual moment in the context of American history.”

Chernow is quite the retreat from the last host, Wolf, a former Netflix show host who tested the comedic limits of the 2018 WHCD. Wolf’s most notable joke of the evening came at the expense of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders who Wolf claimed has a strong pension for lying.

Meet the Actress who Stole the Spotlight in the Heist Movie, “Widows”

When Elizabeth Debicki got the call that she landed a role in a new Steve McQueen movie, she said she “plummet(ed) steadily into terror.”

But she managed to come out the other side with aplomb, according to many critics, with the breakout role of her career. 

Debicki, 28, plays Alice, a wife-turned-heist-pro in Widows, the season’s stand-out film co-written by McQueen and Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn.

“There were many reasons why she appealed to me but also, honestly, I waited a long time in may career to play somebody who felt as real and authentic and multidimensional as Alice,” Debicki told GQ.

“Something about Alice is: because she’s so abused and so oppressed, her skill, in a way, is empathy,” the Aussie actress continued. “What that does is let her be someone who can read a room and very quickly judge what it is that she needs to give people in order to get what she needs, which is to survive.”

Alice and her fellow widows are tasked with pulling off a heist in order to survive “practically all the social injustices and abuses that plague America right now,” as GQ puts it.

Steve Kerr: Reeling Warriors Now in “Real NBA” After Years of Dream Seasons

The shine is off Golden State.

Following days of much-publicized infighting, the Warriors capped their week off with a 104-92 loss on the road to the Spurs in San Antonio.

Sunday’s loss to the Spurs was Golden State’s third in a row and fourth in five games. In more than four years as head coach of the team, this is the worst regular-season stretch Steve Kerr has seen from his squad.

“I’ve had a dream run for four and a half years. We’ve had such a charmed existence the last four seasons. This is the toughest stretch we’ve been in,” Kerr said. “This is the real NBA. We haven’t been in the real NBA the last few years. We’ve been in this dream. And so now we’re faced real adversity and we got to get out of it ourselves.”

Despite the tough stretch, the Warriors are still 12-6 and lead the Pacific Division over the LA Clippers (10-5).

Next up for the club that has won three of the last four NBA titles is a home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Playing at home could be just what the doctor ordered following road losses to the Spurs, Rockets, and Mavericks.

“It was a terrible road trip as far as wins and losses,” Klay Thompson said. “But we’re obviously short-handed. I’m proud of the way the guys fought. Besides the Houston game, I feel like either game could have gone either way; unfortunately, it didn’t. It’s been a challenging week on all fronts. The best thing for us is just to get away a little bit [Monday], regroup, take it back home and just have fun, play with that joy.”

Whether they play with joy or not, the team will be playing without star Steph Curry as he sits out thanks to a groin injury.

More Young Couples Living Together Instead of Marrying

Love and marriage may go together like a horse and carriage, but the institution is seeming more and more like something out of Frank Sinatra’s era.

More young people in the 25-to-34 age range are living together instead of getting married, a new report found.

Nearly 15% of all couples in that bracket said they live with their partner but aren’t married, up from 12% in 2008, according to the Census Bureau. The data also revealed that the percentage of 18- to 34-year-old Americans marrying is on the decline: dipping from 59% in 1978 to 29% in 2018, Bloomberg reported.

Those choosing not to tie the knot, however, might ultimately find some financial benefit to the traditional progression of their relationships. Those young couples who are married were more likely to surpass the $40,000 annual salary threshold than their unmarried, cohabiting peers.

Oprah Winfrey’s Friend, a Spiritual Guru, Is Running For President

Marianne Williamson, a long-time friend of Oprah Winfrey, announced this past Friday that she will be running for president in 2020.

Williamson is a bestselling author and spiritual guru, who first appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1992.

Known for her book titled Return to Love, which focuses on finding inner peace through love, Williamson is also well known for her charity work- founding HIV/AIDS centers during the AIDS crisis as well as founding Project Angel Food in Los Angeles.

This isn’t Williamson’s first go at running for office. In 2014 she raised $2 million to win the seat in California that was vacated by Rep. Henry Waxman. Running as an Independent, Williamson received support from famous democrats like Jane Lynch and Eva Longoria. She placed fourth in the race in which sixteen were running, however, and received just 13% of the total vote.

Michael Bloomberg Donates “Unprecedented” $1.8 Billion to Johns Hopkins

Michael Bloomberg is donating a whopping $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins University in order to bolster financial aid provided to low- and middle-income students, the presumed presidential candidate announced Sunday.

The former New York City mayor’s contribution will be the largest ever to any education institution in the U.S., Time reported. It will allow the Baltimore, Maryland university to eliminate student loans in financial aid packages starting next fall, replacing them with scholarships that don’t have to be paid back.

“America is at its best when we reward people based on the quality of their work, not the size of their pocketbook,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “Denying students entry to a college based on their ability to pay undermines equal opportunity.”

Bloomberg’s extremely generous donation will also let the institution permanently commit to “need-blind admissions” —the ability to admit students based on their academics, regardless of whether or not they can afford their education.

“Hopkins has received a gift that is unprecedented and transformative,” University President Ronald Daniels said.