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Falling Asleep on the Job? Spain Introducing First Siesta Café

Madrid’s Siesta & Go allows diners to eat and then rest… in the same place.

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Madrid is about to one-up all other cafés with the opening of Siesta & Go, a nap café.

The café offers private or shared rooms to allow patrons to take a rest during the day—complete with a bed, lamp, books. Diners can read, study, relax or sleep, depending on which room they choose.

Siesta & Go also offers slippers and pajamas, single use sheet and blankets (so that customers don’t need to worry about other people’s hygiene or bed bugs), and of course, coffee.

The café has 19 available beds and the employees will wake you up at an agreed upon time, so you never miss that next appointment. The naps will cost you though: patrons pay by the minute for a private room (1,200 minutes is about $272) or by the hour for about $15. For those who can’t splurge on a private room, a bunk bed is only about $9-11 per hour.

Maria Estrella Jorro de Inza, the café’s 32-year-old owner, came up with the idea while visiting Tokyo, where nape cafés have been around since at least 2012.

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