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Stay at this Private-Island Resort in Fiji for $100,000 Per Night

The 140-acre island has 21 beachfront villas and is only accessible by seaplane or helicopter.

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(Kokomo Private Island Fiji)

The new Kokomo Private Island Fiji allows you to book a private-island resort, but at a cost: $100,000 per night. In return, you get a 140-acre island with five hilltop residences ranging from three to six bedrooms, a beachfront residence with six bedrooms, and 21 beachfront villas, each with one to three bedrooms. (You can also just book individual dwellings.)

(Kokomo Private Island Fiji)

The Kokomo ensures maximum privacy: it can only be reached by seaplane or helicopter.

(Kokomo Private Island Fiji)

The Great Astrolabe Reef surrounds Kokomo. Barrier reef regulars include billfish, tuna, giant trevally, and manta ray. Humpback whales make seasonal appearances.

(Kokomo Private Island Fiji)

The private island was acquired in 2013 by the Australian billionaire developer Lang Walker. The Kokomo only opened this April, meaning this is your chance not only to enjoy a piece of paradise, but a piece of paradise while it’s still brand new.

Head to Kokomo Island Fiji to book a stay.

(Kokomo Private Island Fiji)


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