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Sen. Kamala Harris: ‘Hysterical’ or a ‘Woman Doing Her Job?’

Late show host Stephen Colbert has some questions about Jeff Sessions’ Senate hearing.


Stephen Colbert has a question: Was Senator Kamala Harris “hysterical” while pursuing dogged questioning of Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his Tuesday Senate hearing, or was she just doing her job?

Harris pushed Sessions during his hearing, interrupting him at times, after he consistently refused to answer questions from senators about his private conversations with President Donald Trump. “I’m not able to be rushed this fast, it makes me nervous,” Sessions said to Harris.

Following the hearing, a former Trump adviser appearing on CNN referred to Harris’ method of questioning as “hysterical.”

“If anyone was hysterical, maybe it was the old man saying that their questions were ‘scaring him,'” Colbert shot back.

The term “hysterical” has been historically used to dismiss women, going back to the word’s Greek root word, which means “uterus.”