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Security Robot Has Its Own Aerial Drone to Help Patrol for Criminals

Drone deploys from robot to track fleeing suspects while humans monitor from control center.

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Criminals beware: This robo-cop has back-up.

The OR-3, a four-wheeled security robot, includes a surveillance drone that can be deployed to follow fleeing suspects or give the land-based bot a better vantage point.

Created by Singapore-based startup Otsaw Digital, the robot is the first to be equipped with a security system offering land and aerial surveillance. It’s powered with a machine learning algorithm to help identify a suspect from a passerby, according to The Financial Times.

The security bot is the first to have a flying drone companion. (Otsaw Digital)

The OR-3 navigates using GPS and laser sensors while loaded with thermal imaging, facial recognition, and a suite of high-tech sensors to detect nefarious activity.

Security robots are part of a growing trend in Asia where they’re used for monitoring public places, like train stations and stadium, and patrolling private spaces for corporate clients.

The self-driving robot is designed to augment the role of security guards since it can patrol constantly while the guards remain in a control center where they can monitor the entire area. If an intruder is detected, it will send an alert back to the security guards which can respond in-person or take control of the OR-3.

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