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Pentagon Enlisting AI to Analyze Drone Intel in Hunt for ISIS

New initiative with machine learning churns through hours of aerial video to find useful data.

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America’s War on Terror is getting a lot smarter with the help of AI.

Aerial video collected by drones will soon be sorted by computers to produce more effective intelligence in the fight against ISIS, Defense One is reporting.

Intelligence analysts are overwhelmed by a deluge of footage that may hold key insights the military can use to strike the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. Sifting through hours of video for anything abnormal, these human analysts catalog their findings in spreadsheets.

The Pentagon hopes computers can speed up this process by scanning the footage and highlighting areas that are importance.

The Defense Department revealed Monday its first mission for the Algorithmic Warfare Cross Functional Team, a special unit utilizing the power of big data and machine learning across the military, is to hunt ISIS terrorists.

A game-changing initiative like this doesn’t happen overnight, but it will be active by the end of the year if all goes according to plan. The machine learning algorithms need to first be “taught” what’s worthy of flagging before delivering the hardware and software to these intelligence centers.

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