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Olivia Munn Goes From Geek to Chic

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Olivia Munn has had a wildly different career trajectory to her fellow models and actresses. Munn, who rose to fame as co-host of G4 network’s Attack of the Show!—a dork-tacular show about pop culture, the web, and tech—is loved both by the cool guys and the losers.

Just before Munn co-starred as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse, she gave an extensive interview to CNET magazine’s Connie Guglielmo. Topics include why she prefers Samsungs over Apple products, whether she’s a tech geek or nerd, and what her favorite first-person shooter game is. Read the full interview with Munn here. For more on the model/actress, watch Vogue‘s “73 Questions with Olivia Munn” video below.