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Juicero Offers Refund After Public Learns the Juice Packs Meant for $400 Juicer Can Be Hand Squeezed

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Juicero, the "smart" cold-press juicer (Juicero)
Juicero, the “smart” cold-press juicer (Juicero)


Juicero, a high-end juicer, is now offering a refund to all customers after news broke that its proprietary produce packs can be squeezed by hand without the need for the expensive machine.

On WednesdayBloomberg reported Juicero’s packs, which contain diced fruits and vegetables, could yield as much juice in less time without the juicer itself. The company announced on Friday that it will give a full refund to anyone that returns the machine in the next month.

Juicero's proprietary produce packs on display for sale at Whole Foods. (Juicero)
Juicero’s proprietary produce packs on display for sale at Whole Foods. (Juicero)


Juicero raised $120 million in venture funding from big names like Alphabet’s Google Ventures but, when it hit the market, attracted public mockery for being a $700 internet-connected juicer. Even after reducing the price to $400, the San Francisco-based startup still felt the squeeze.

“While it is never easy to face some of this week’s headlines and critiques, we’re still learning, listening, and improving, and we confidently stand behind our promise to help people on their journey to health,” Jeff Dunn, Juicero CEO, said in a blog post on Friday.