UNC head coach Larry Fedora. The University of North Carolina Tar Heels hosted the The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina Bulldogs on November 19, 2016, at Kenan Memorial Stadium in Chapel Hill, NC in a 2016 NCAA Division I College Football game. UNC won the game 41-7. (Photo by Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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UNC Football Coach Implies Safe Football Hurts the U.S.

Larry Fedora said “attacks” on the game will have consequences.

The “less tough” and “less physical’ football gets, the worse off the United States will be for it.

At least that’s the opinion of North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora, who talked at length about the effects he thinks safety changes intended to make football safer will have on society.

Fedora was responding to a question about a new NCAA rule that allows a receiving player to call a “fair catch” on a kickoff if the ball is caught within the 25-yard line. The rule is in place to encourage players to make that call and therefore eliminate high-speed collisions during play.

While acknowledging there are some negative aspects to the game, Fedora also said the perceived “attacks” on the game are going to have consequences that extend beyond the field.

“I feel that the game will be pushed so far to one extreme that you won’t recognize the game 10 years from now,” Fedora said. “And I do believe that if it gets to that point, then our country goes down too.”

He also blamed the “attacks” on“a groundswell of data that is tweaked one way or the other” and went on to say he didn’t think there was any conclusive evidence football leads to CTE.

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