Cleveland Browns No. 1 draft pick Baker Mayfield prior to throwing out the ceremonial first pitch prior to the game between the Cleveland Indians and the Seattle Mariners at Progressive Field on April 27, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

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How the Top Five NFL Draft Picks Will Spend Their First Paycheck

Plans range from investing in houses, taking care of their moms and putting the money in the bank.

Over the weekend, a number of rookies who were drafted in last month’s NFL draft signed their first contracts.

For some, those contracts include millions in signing bonuses, which means putting ink to paper translates to money in the bank for some and a long-anticipated shopping spree for others.

Here’s a look at what the top five picks in the draft—Baker Mayfield, Saquon Barkley, Sam Darnold, Denzel Ward and Bradley Chubb—say they plan to do first with their NFL windfalls.

Mayfield: The first-year QB isn’t sure, but plans to put at least some money in the bank. “I haven’t thought about it. Savings? Yeah, savings is a good call,” he said.

Barkley: The Giants new running back sees a new home in his mom’s future. “One of my big goals was to buy my mom a house and I was able to achieve that before I was able to sign my contract,” he said. “That is a credit to my team, the guys around myself, Roc Nation and the decisions made.”

Darnold: The rookie signal-caller has an estimated $20 million to spend, but said he hasn’t thought about how he will spend his first check yet.

Ward: Cleveland’s first-round cornerback has good timing and wants to buy a belated Mother’s Day gift. “I have to do something for my mom. I don’t know what yet. I’ve got to ask her first,” he said.

Chubb: The young Denver pass-rusher hasn’t had time to plan a spending spree yet. “I’m still trying to figure out this playbook, let alone figure out what I’m going to do with some money,” he said. “My focus right now is just on the football aspect, getting all of this down and hopefully making contributions so that I can earn that paycheck.”

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