Climber Colin O'Brady's proposed route for the 50-state high point challenge. (Via

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This Speed Climber Plans to Summit Highest Point in Every State in 21 Days

If he’s successful, Colin O’Brady would shatter the current record by weeks.

On June 28, at the base of Denali in Alaska, speed climber Colin O’Brady will begin a journey that, he hopes, will end on July 19 at the top of Mount Hood in Oregon.

During the 21 days in between, O’Brady will attempt to climb to the top of the highest point in all the other 48 states in the U.S., to set a new record in the 50-state high point challenge. Only 273 people have summited all 50 American high points.

If successful, O’Brady’s journey—which will cover nearly 3,000 miles across the country and more than 300 trail miles—will shatter the previous mark of 41 days set by Maddie Miller.

Despite the aggressive schedule, there’s a good chance he pulls if off O’Brady has already proved his climbing prowess by completing challenges like the Seven Summits and the Explorers Grand Slam.

“Colin will be in constant motion from high point to high point, racing the world record clock,” according to his website. “His goal is to crush the current record of 41 days, and push his physical and mental limits to complete the 50 high points challenge in less than 30 days.”

Best of luck on the 28th and beyond.

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