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Sebastian Keep Performs Insane Wall Rides Throughout the United Kingdom

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Bas Keep
Bas Keep performs during the Walls project in Hastings, UK (George Marshall/Red Bull Content Pool)


BMX biker Sebastian Keep has done a lot of cool street riding stunts, but after a certain point, he ran out of accessible spaces to bike. Or did he? His new BMX video, “Walls,” shows him using simple ramps to perform crazy wallride jumps, turning once-inaccessible street locations into one-of-a-kind stunt spots.

The four jump locations in the video are in Croydon, Luton, Brighton and Hastings respectively, and each one intimidated Keep for different reasons; Luton was “really high and big and scary,” Hastings was “gnarly,” and Croydon is “[his] nemesis still to this day.”

Still, Keep persevered, and the result is this awesome BMX video that may inspire others to look differently at their own environments and how the spaces within them can be used. Scroll down to watch “Walls.”


—RealClearLife Staff