SANTA CLARA, CA - JUNE 12: San Francisco 49ers Cornerback Richard Sherman (25) fields questions from reports before minicamp on June 12, 2018 at the SAP Performance Facility in Santa Clara, CA. (Photo by Corey Silvia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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Richard Sherman Attacks NFL’s Helmet Rule: “Will Be Flag Football Soon”

The 49ers cornerback is calling on the league to change its helmet-lowering rule.

As the preseason continues, the NFL’s new helmet-lowering rule is continuing to take hits.

The rule, which was confusing enough when it was introduced on paper, has continued to be perplexing as officials have attempted to enforce it on the field during preseason football.

The tackling guideline, which makes it illegal for any player to lower his head to initiate and make contact with an opponent, has been particularly unpopular with defensive players as they have drawn the lion’s share of penalty flags for violating it thus far.

On Sunday, 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman sounded off against the rule and called on the NFL to change its policy before the game turns into flag football.

Valid points, but they don’t take into account the main goal, at least the stated one, of the new policy is to cut down on concussions and make play safer — making it more dull and confusing is just a side effect.

“Sherman’s point of view is completely understandable, and that’s the difficult part in all of this,” Sports Illustrated writes. “No one with an actual, sincere stake in this decision is wrong – not the people who have digested the health and safety information and are trying to make a difference, not the players who are worried about doing their job and earning a living and not the coaches who have a legitimate interest in both a safer game and a set of rules his players can actually comprehend.”

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