BOSTON - NOVEMBER 1: Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora speaks during a media availability at Fenway Park in Boston on Nov. 1, 2018. (Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

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Red Sox Manager and Trump Critic Alex Cora Will Attend White House Visit

Cora said he plans to use his opportunity to visit President Trump in “the right way.”

It’s unclear who else will attend, but Red Sox manager Alex Cora will be visiting President Trump at the White House when the team visits following their World Series win.

Team president Sam Kennedy announced on Monday the team had accepted an invitation to the White House to celebrate their championship. “We’ve accepted and we’re going to see if there’s a date that works,” he said.

Cora, a native of Puerto Rico who criticized the president for some of his comments in the wake of Hurricane Maria, said he plans to use his chance to visit Trump “the right way.” 

“I’m gonna use my platform the right way,” Cora said. “I’m not gonna embarrass anybody. Actually, I’m gonna represent four million people from back home the right way when we go there. We just have to wait and see when we do go.”

That new sentiment echoes things Cora has expressed in the past.

According to Kennedy, players will decide for themselves whether they want to attend. “Like in the past, it’s an invitation. It’s not a mandatory, command performance,” he said. “It’s an opportunity for these guys to get the recognition they deserve for a world championship.”

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