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Police Report Puts Blame on Venus Williams for Fatal Car Crash

Tennis star’s accident earlier this month in Florida led to death of 78-year-old man.

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Tennis star Venus Williams is held responsible for a car accident in Florida that caused injuries to a 78-year-old man who later died, according to the police report.

The Palm Beach Gardens Police say the accident happened on June 9. The victim, Jerome Barson, was a passenger in a car driven by his wife, Linda. She was hospitalized as well but survived. Her husband, however, survived for 14 days in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries before his death.

According to the report and CNN, Linda Barson told police she was traveling west in the right lane and slowed for a traffic light when approaching an intersection. The light changed to green, states the report, and Barson said she drove through the intersection when Williams’ 2010 Toyota Sequoia cut across in front of her car.

Linda Barson reported that she was “unable to avoid crashing into Williams.”

Williams told the police that she was stopped in the median of the intersection because of other traffic, according to the report. She added that did not see the Barsons’ car when she crossed the intersection, driving an estimated speed of 5 mph.

There is no mention in the report of Williams being cited.
Williams, 37, is a seven-time Grand Slam champion. She is currently in London preparing for Wimbledon, which she has won five times.
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