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Meet the Man Who’s Attempting the World’s Longest Triathlon

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Sean Conway
(David Levenson/Getty Images)


Call Sean Conway insane. On April 1, the extreme adventurer embarked on a 4,000-plus-mile mega-triathlon—biking, running, and swimming a superhuman course across the U.K. This included riding 3,500 miles on a bamboo bike from Lulworth Cove to Scarborough (completed); and running 800 miles from Scarborough to Brighton (completed). He’s currently in the process of swimming 390,000 strokes over two weeks, from Brighton all the way back, with only a handmade raft to sustain him.

Born in Zimbabwe, Conway completed this exact triathlon before, but over a series of years. This is the first time he’s doing the three disciplines back-to-back. For more on Conway’s incredible story, click here. Watch Conway talk about his feat in the video below.