Colin Kaepernick's settlement is less than expected. (Paul Marotta/Getty Images)

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Kaepernick Supporters Staging Campaign to Get QB Elected to Pro Bowl

Kap’s fans are using write-in votes to force the league to select him for this year’s Pro Bowl.

He hasn’t played a down in the NFL in nearly years, but there’s a chance, albeit a slight one, Colin Kaepernick will find his way onto a Pro Bowl roster this season.

The NFL is testing out a system this year that allows fans to vote for Pro Bowlers on Twitter by using the hashtag #ProBowlVote and writing in the player they want to see play in Orlando following the season.

But players don’t have to be on an official ballot in order to receive votes.

Kaepernick’s supporters on Twitter have already begun voting for him, though there’s no way to tell how many votes he has received at this time.

That number actually might not matter because the NFL may not count the votes and maintain only players who are on rosters are eligible for the Pro Bowl.

However, there is always the chance the league will appease the fans and let Kaepernick play in the Pro Bowl, similar to the way the NBA allowed Magic Johnson to play in the All-Star before the 1991-92 season following his HIV diagnosis.

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