Head Coach Bill Belichick looks on as Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots walks by during the AFC Championship Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Gillette Stadium on January 21, 2018 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

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Brady and Patriots Are “Stuck,” but QB Has Spots to “Start Fresh”

New York and Los Angeles were both reportedly options for Brady.

His book about the NFL isn’t even out yet, but New York Times Magazine writer Mark Leibovich continues to dish out nuggets of wisdom, and tales of dysfunction about the New England Patriots.

During an interview on Boston radio’s The Sports Hub to promote the book, Leibovich was asked about a portion in Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times where he wrote that “it wouldn’t kill Brady if the Patriots were to release him into free agency, allowing him to control his next move.”

In his response, Leibovich – who has spent a good amount of time with Brady and also would correspond with him via email regularly – said the 41-year-old quarterback had started referring to the Patriots as “they” instead of “we,” a noticeable change.

According to Leibovich, the switch may have occurred because Brady is starting to consider his football life outside of New England.

“If he could choose a team and a situation and start fresh, there are a few places he’d really like to live,” Leibovich said. “I think NY and LA or somewhere in California would be pretty high on the list. The Giants might have needed a QB and Philip Rivers might retire from the Chargers, and Jared Goff could flame out with the Rams. There are options. He’s aware of who is coaching where and what’s out there.”

He went on to note that though Brady may have designs on leaving New England and the clutches of coach Bill Belichick, the reigning MVP “doesn’t control his own destiny now.”

“Tom doesn’t really have a place to go, and neither does [owner] Robert Kraft at quarterback, and this is sort of where they’re all stuck with right now,” Leibovich said. “I think the lack of happiness, the sort of tensions that were coming out at the end of the year [with the Patriots], I think there’s a lot of truth to a lot of that. I don’t think there’s any question.”

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