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Scientific Proof of How to Win at Monopoly

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The next time your family decides to pull out the old Monopoly board and have a “fun” game night, know that you can now destroy them all. Every last one of them. “How?” you ask. RealClearLife has it all figured out—scientifically.

Deadspin‘s Drew Magary recently had a back-and-forth with a reader, who’s an engineering student at Tulane University, and excerpted some of their email exchange:

“Because it is all based on random chance, the exact probabilities can be determined by use of a Markov Chain. The ‘Go to Jail’ square acts as a kind of sink, depriving the spaces after it of opportunities to be landed on, where as the ‘Jail’ square acts as a source and allows spaces after it to get landed on more frequently.”

The reader goes on to say that it’s the orange properties (in standard U.S. versions: New York Ave., St. James Place, Tennessee Ave.), in particular, that have the highest probability of being landed on. Also, the reds (Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois), it turns out. And the greens (North Carolina, Pacific, Pennsylvania) provide the best longterm ROI.

So that’s what you should be targeting, with wealth and victory soon to follow. When your siblings start crying foul, just tell them that you’ve been having a lucky streak lately. And never mention your friends at RealClearLife. This’ll be our little secret.

Read the full story here and put Rich Uncle Pennybags to shame.