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The Real Economic Threat of Artificial Intelligence

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"Moto-man" robots weld the bodies of Integra and Civic models at Honda's # 3 line in Suzuka, Japan. George Steinmetz/Creative RM/Getty Images()
‘Moto-man’ robots weld the bodies of Integra and Civic models at Honda’s # 3 line in Suzuka, Japan. (George Steinmetz/Creative RM/Getty Images)

In May, the White House announced an inter-agency group to study the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence. Sure, AI can be used for positive means like your iPhone’s Siri—but it’s not so difficult to see its dangers. After all, popular culture has bombarded us with worst-case scenarios in the form of sci-fi films and literature for decades. In reference to the inherent danger in AI, Daniel Weld, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington, comes at it from a particularly unique angle. He elaborates below:

“The biggest threat posed by AI is not the advent of autonomous machines, but of human beings losing their autonomy by being driven from the production process. We must confront the potential for serious social unrest, perhaps even revolt or revolution.”

Read Weld’s full piece here.