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Witness the Devastation ISIS Left Behind in Mosul

NYT's Rukmini Callimachi provides stunning reports of destruction in the battle's aftermath.

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You’ve likely been watching the end-of-days–type battles between Iraqi forces and ISIS in Mosul, Iraq, from the comfort of your living room. Even from there, it’s been difficult to watch.

Now, imagine you’re in a Humvee, touring the remnants of the city, unsure of what you’ll find, see, or hear around the next corner.

That’s what New York Times correspondent Rukmini Callimachi experienced in Western Mosul this past Monday, along with Iraqi troops.

Found along the way: a sword used by ISIS for public beheadings; a picture of Donald Duck at a school, with its face spray-painted over (ISIS is anti-everything Western, so they blotted out the icon); handmade, unspent mortar shells; a child’s backpack filled with C4 explosive powder in it; and of course, dead bodies.

Callimachi also tweeted out a short, 14-tweet story with images and reports from the war zone. Here is her account in its entirety:

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