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Controversial Commentator Fired Over Manchester Tweet

Fmr. Apprentice star evoked Holocaust in her call for a 'final solution' to prevent terror threats.

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Controversial British radio host Katie Hopkins is out of a job.

Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC) staff burst into cheers and applause after it was announced that the presenter would leave her job “immediately” following a tweet she posted referencing the terrorist attack in Manchester earlier this week, the Independent is reporting.

In a May 23 post, she called for a “final solution” to “Islamic terrorism,” language which many thought evoked the Nazi genocide of Jewish people in the Holocaust.

“22 dead — number rising,” Hopkins tweeted. “Schofield. Don’t you even dare. Do not be a part of the problem. We need a final solution #Machester.”

After her tweet was reported to Manchester police, Hopkins initially stood by the tweet, then backpedaled to say that “final” was a typo and later changed the tweet to say “true.”

Hopkins is known for her outspoken and hard-line stances on what she calls “Islamic terror” and “Islamic extremists.” She is still reportedly a columnist at the Mail Online.

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