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These National Monuments Might Soon Lose Their Federal Protected Status

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These National Monuments Could Lost Their Protection Soon
Bear’s Ears from near Natural Bridges National Monument, is sacred to Native Americans. (Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)


The next time you visit one of these national monuments below, it could just be a pretty vista, devoid of federal support.

Per the Wall Street Journal, President Trump recently signed an executive order instructing the Department of the Interior to “review” a number of federally designated national monuments, all of which would’ve been “created or expanded on or after January 1, 1996.”

Here are a list of the national monuments that are in danger of losing their designation:

These National Monuments Could Be No More Soon
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah. (Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)


-Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments in Utah (see above);


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-Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks (see above) and Rio Grande del Norte National Monuments in New Mexico;


-Canyons of the Ancients National Monument in Colorado (see above);


These National Monuments Could No More Soon
The moon, and stars shine in the sky over the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona. (Ian Plant/Barcroft Media/Getty Images)

-Ironwood Forest, Grand Canyon-Parashant, Sonoran Desert, and Vermilion Cliffs (see above) National Monuments in Arizona;


-Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument in Montana (see above);


These National Monuments Could Be More Soon
Newly created Gold Butte National Monument outside Mesquite, Nevada. (George Frey/Getty Images)

-Basin and Range, and Gold Butte (see above) National Monuments in Nevada;


These National Monuments Could Be No More Soon
The snow-capped peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains overlook the Pacific Ocean, south of Los Angeles. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

-San Gabriel Mountains (see above), Carrizo Plain, Sand to Snow, Berryessa Snow Mountain, Mojave Trails, and Giant Sequoia National Monuments in California;


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-Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument in the Atlantic Ocean (see above);


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-Hanford Reach National Monument in Washington (see above):


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-Rose Atoll Marine (see above), Papahānaumokuākea Marine, Mariana Trench Marine, and Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monuments in the Pacific Ocean.