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7-Eleven Cashier Has Climbed Everest More Than Any Other Woman

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FILE TO GO WITH Nepal-Everest-environment-climbing, FOCUS by Deepesh Shrestha (FILES) In this May 19, 2009 file photograph, unidentified mountaineers walk past the Hillary Step while pushing for the summit of Mount Everest as they climb the south face from Nepal. A group of top Nepalese climbers is planning a high-risk expedition to clean up Everest, saying decades of mountaineering have taken their toll on the world's highest peak. "Everest is losing her beauty," seven times Everest summitteer Namgyal Sherpa, 30, told AFP. "The top of the mountain is now littered with oxygen bottles, old prayer flags, ropes, and old tents. At least two dead bodies have been lying there for years now." AFP PHOTO/COURTESY OF PEMBA DORJE SHERPA (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)
(Pemba Dorje Sherpa/AFP/Getty Images)

Lhakpa Sherpa has climbed Mount Everest six times, but she’s hardly acknowledged for the historic feat. Writes Grayson Schaffer in Outdoor magazine: “A 2013 ESPN.com article on five-time Everest summiter Melissa Arnot mentioned Lhakpa [only] as an aside, calling Arnot ‘either the most accomplished female Everest climber ever, or the most accomplished non-Sherpa woman.'” Schaffer looks to set the record straight, shining the spotlight on Lhakpa and her tumultuous journey to the world’s highest peak. Read the piece here.