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Thimble Voted Out of Monopoly Board Game

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(Rich Brooks/Flickr)
(Rich Brooks/Flickr)


Today is a sad day for all of the thimble enthusiasts out there. According to the Associated Press, voters have nixed the thimble game piece from future editions of the Monopoly board game. The thimble’s been part of the mix since 1935.

This comes on the heels of a competition launched by parent company Hasbro to come up with next-generation game pieces for the iconic board game, whose properties are centered around Atlantic City, New Jersey. According to the AP, these could include emojis, hashtags, or even a rubber ducky.

Winning game piece ideas will be unveiled March 19, and will be included in the latest edition of the game, which hits toy stores in August.

For more on the contest, watch the video below.


—RealClearLife Staff