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Honey Nut Cheerios Pulls Its Mascot Buzz the Bee As Environmental Statement

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Honey Nut Cheerios 'Kills Off' Its Bee Mascot
(Richard Levine/Corbis via Getty Images)


Buzz the Bee fans are feeling the sting of an environmental crisis.

According to CNN, the popular Honey Nut Cheerios mascot has been pulled from boxes to shed light on the dwindling population of bees around the globe.

General Mills posted the following message on its website:

“Buzz is missing because there’s something serious going on with the world’s bees. Bee populations everywhere have been declining at an alarming rate, and that includes honeybees like Buzz.”

The company also gave away 1.5 billion wildflower seeds, as part of a campaign it tagged #BringBacktheBees.

In giving away the seeds, Cheerios asked its audience to plant them and take pictures of the progress via Twitter, using the campaign’s hashtag.

Below, watch some of Buzz the Bee’s greatest hits.