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Mockumentary Pokes Fun at Famous Fashion Show’s ‘Peacocks’

Comedic video shot at this year’s Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy

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Twice a year, the sartorially inclined flock to Florence, Italy, for Pitti Uomo, the tradeshow that’s arguably the most important international event for men’s fashion. Over time, Pitti Uomo has made “dandyism”—a refined style involving lots of flair—more palatable to the masses. So, it’s only natural that those attending the fashion fair showcase the style with colorful suits and hats, printed pocket-squares and bowties, and other dapper accessories. However, the advent of street-style fashion photography has given a new platform to Pitti Uomo attendees—a.k.a. “peacocks”—to strut their stuff in front of photographers.

One filmmaker, Aaron Christian, looking to inject some self-awareness and humor into the Florentine crowd, created the mockumentary The Life of Pitti Peacocks. “It’s become a peacock parade where the men show off their outfits in all their glory hoping to get snapped by the top photographers,” Christain said. “It’s quite comical the way the fully grown men pace around, subtly trying their best to get snapped, and it’s the perfect location for this wildlife style mockumentary to take place.” Watch the mockumentary below.