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This Menswear Shop Looks Like a Basketball Court

PREVIEW offers a home for start-up brands in menswear, tech, and wellness.

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As traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores continue their downward slump, direct-to-consumer web-based brands are laughing all the way to the bank as they leave out the middlemen. But to these young whippersnapper brands, there’s still a value in the touching and feeling of a product that can’t be experienced online.

(Photo courtesy PREVIEW/Rosie Lee photos)

Enter PREVIEW, the latest 4,000-square-foot shopping experience to join the rows of newly opened boutiques in New York’s Soho neighborhood. Founded by college roommates Geoff Harris and Wesley Collins, the store features clothing, grooming items and gizmos and resembles a multi-use sports court. It aims to play the role of good guy in the brick and mortar vs. web tug-of-war by offering a destination for newcomers without gouging both shoppers and brands with a retail mark-up.

“PREVIEW was built for the male shopper who is often overlooked by the retail industry,” Harris told RealClearLife. “The vision for PREVIEW was to create a store where men can come in for something they need and find something they want. In getting men to discover new products, it’s about creating the right context.

“The goal of Preview’s curation,” he continued, “is to create a seamless lifestyle shopping experience helping customers to not only associate with new brands, but draw connecting lines to complementary products.”

(Photo courtesy PREVIEW/Rosie Lee photos)

Among the selection — which Harris says is assembled to offer something appealing for every man — there are several standouts. For performance clothing there’s AEANCE and FourLaps, a modern take on retro workout clothes, a crop of premium grooming essentials like  HELMM, an elevated, refillable deodorant concept.

There’s even one futuristic headset that stimulated the part of your brain responsible for muscle movement called Halo Sport. Top it all off with a Bulletproof Coffee bar serving up collagen protein-infused drinks, and some sleek design installations inspired by “urban movement,” including a collection of white traffic cones artfully hang from the ceiling. Put it all together and you’ve got a one-stop shop to discover a slew of new brands across menswear, tech, and wellness.

(Photo courtesy PREVIEW/Rosie Lee photos)