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Medical School Dean Allegedly Hosted Drug-Fueled Parties

Carmen Puliafito, the former USC dean, resigned after a woman overdosed in his hotel room.

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A former med school dean and Harvard-educated surgeon has a dark side.

Carmen Puliafito, who until last year was the dean of USC’s Keck School of Medicine, allegedly hosted drug-fueled parties for a social circle of criminals and young women.

The renowned eye surgeon stepped down from his post in March 2016 “to explore outside opportunities,” but a Los Angeles Times investigation uncovered what may be the real reason. Three weeks before his resignation, Puliafito was found in a hotel room with a 21-year-old sex worker who overdosed on narcotics. The university’s president was informed of the incident, and Puliafito stepped down days later.

Puliafito rose to prominence by inventing a laser eye treatment. As dean, Puliafito was paid a salary $1.1 million and credited with generating $1 billion in donations to the University of Southern California. It seems he was equally talented at attracting beneficiaries as he was at finding trouble.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Puliafito, who still speaks on behalf of USC, frequently used meth, heroin, ecstasy and other drugs. He spent a considerable amount of time with the woman who he was found with in the hotel room, paying for her legal bills and rent.

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