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Why You Need a Giant Smokestack Fireplace for Grilling

This fireplace from Amsterdam-based designer Frederik Roijé will tower over your BBQ rivals.

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Some might consider installing a grill in a giant outdoor fireplace a bit self-indulgent. Like combining croissants with donuts. Or putting Kevin Durant on the Golden State Warriors.

But obviously, we’re not complaining.

Standing 6’6″ tall and looking a bit like a Dickensian chimney for your backyard, the Smokestack Fireplace from Amsterdam-based designer Frederik Roijé was already a triumphant fixture. But his post-production addition — a four-pound stainless steel grill, which was handmade in the Netherlands and tailored specifically for this fireplace — is a victory cigar of the highest order.

It might not be the best choice for muscling out 30 hot dogs on July 4th, fair, but the grate is slots in easily for cooking up some veggies or a pizza and slides out easily for a quick clean, all while complementing its fiery papa.

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