TAG Heuer timepieces on display at the Museum in Motion TAG Heuer Grand Opening Party on February 15, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for TAG Heuer )

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Tag Heuer Just Released the World’s Most Expensive Smartwatch

The 45 Connected Modular Full Diamond sports an elegant, classic look and goes for $180,000.

The world’s priciest smartwatch is here, and it costs a cool $180,000. According to a story in Luxury Launches with reporting from CNBC, the Tag Heuer 45 Connected Modular Full Diamond has claimed the world’s-most-expensive title thanks to the 589 VVC-clarity diamonds embedded in the smartwatch’s bezel and band.

The combination of smart technology and such a startling number of diamonds is rare, but it creates an elegant, classic look. Tag Heuer worked with Intel and Google for the tech aspects of the watch, and it runs on an Android operating system.

The watch has an 18k polished white gold case and in total features 23.35 carats of jewels. The watch also allows owners to customize the face and remove the smart screen in favor of a mechanical watch head.

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