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Ralph Lauren Still Reigns as Menswear King After 50 Years

Fashion icon retains his uncanny ability to reinvent classic looks for the modern man.

Iconic designer Ralph Lauren demonstrated his peerless menswear designs and incredible longevity in the industry this weekend by hosting a star-studded 50th anniversary show as part of New York City’s Fashion Week. Attended by everyone who is anyone—from Oprah to Kanye, Steven Spielberg to Tony Bennett, Robert De Niro to Bruce Springsteen—Lauren’s milestone show was split into two parts, which highlighted the dual impacts he has had on men’s fashion.

The first part of his show, opulently staged at the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, emphasized his couture lines and dazzled with tweed jackets and throwback three-piece suits. While the second half showcased his sportswear lines and featured models of all stages of life, from preschool to septuagenarian.

Watch the video below to get a sense of Ralph Lauren’s latest in menswear.

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