First dates can be awkward. (Getty Images)

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Never Ask These Questions On A First Date

Getting too personal too fast can be a dealbreaker.

If you’re a nervous dater or an anxious person in general, you might find dating to be a field littered with landmines. One wrong step (or phrase) could set off a chain reaction of explosive conversation. On a first date, it’s best to remember the basics: steer clear of personal topics like money, politics, religion, and a few others topics, reminds a report in The Huffington Post.

Asking questions such as “Why did your last relationship end?” is a no-no.  “These can make someone feel put on the spot or judged. Wait until later on, once you know you want to build a connection with this person, to inquire respectfully about their past relationships,” psychologist Samantha Rodman told The Huffington Post.

Asking people where they really came from or telling a date how “exotic” they look can actually be racist and invalidating for the person you’re asking.

“It’s OK to be curious about another’s ethnicity and heritage,”psychologist Jamie Goldstein said. “However, this language implies that they are other, non-American and do not belong. The underlying message and assumption behind this question is that America is a space meant only for white skin and English speakers.”

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