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Legend Has It This South Carolina Ghost Predicts Hurricanes

Appearance of the “Gray Man” supposedly warns coastal residents of imminent disaster.

Can figures from the afterlife warn of natural disasters like Hurricane Florence before the happen? That’s what some say along the South Carolina coast, where the legend of the Gray Man supposedly signals to residents to flee because a big storm is about to hit, according to a story in Atlas Obscura.

The legend of this ghost dates back more than 200 years, long predating the advent of Doppler radar and the National Hurricane Center.  It’s said that the Gray Man was a long-lost resident of Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, trying to return home. Tragically, he died before reaching his destination, lost amid quicksand on the beach. Since then, his supposed reappearances have been good luck omens aimed at saving the homes of those who see him haunting the shores.

“It was a magnet drawing him toward the houses and out of them he would choose just one,” folklorist Nancy Roberts wrote in her book South Carolina Ghosts, according to Atlas Obscura. “To him, it was as if that house belonged to his sweetheart of long ago although in a dim sort of way, he really knew it did not.”


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