John Oliver talks about the Iran deal on "Last Week Tonight" (YouTube)

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John Oliver Buys Pro-Iran Nuclear Ads on ‘Hannity’

The late-night comedian makes the case for why President Trump should keep the deal.

John Oliver is running an ad on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show in an effort to reach the president and “teach him basic math” about the Iran nuclear deal. 

“Two of Trump’s top advisers are, like him, dead set against this deal, and they’re getting back-up from Sean Hannity, whose show the president watches so much, advisers refer to him as the ‘shadow chief of staff,’” Oliver said. “Hannity hates this deal too, so there is not really a way for us to get a moderating voice into this conversation short of buying time on Hannity’s show this week, and running an ad like this.”

Take a look at the ad, featuring a recurring Last Week Tonight character, in the clip below.