Hurricane typhoon over planet Earth viewed from space. Elements of image are furnished by NASA. Photographs of Typhoon Trami were recently captured from the International Space Station. (Photo by Elen11/iStock/Getty Images)

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ISS Captures Images of Typhoon Trami

The typhoon is projected to make landfall in Japan this weekend.

Photographs taken from the International Space Station offer a startling view of Typhoon Trami, the storm expected to hit Japan this weekend. The storm has recently weakened in intensity, but remains the strength of a category 3 hurricane.

In parts of Japan, rainfalls are expected to fall in the range of 9.8-19.6 inches.

September has already seen Super Typhoon Mangkhut cause devastation throughout East Asia. Dozens of people died in a series of landslides caused by Mangkhut in the north of Philippines earlier this month. As Typhoon Trami approaches, it looks serious but, it is no longer being categorized as a super typhoon.

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