Constance Wu stars in Warner Bros. Pictures' and SK Global Entertainment's and Starlight Culture's contemporary romantic comedy "Crazy Rich Asians" (Warner Bros. Pictures)

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“Crazy Rich Asians” Officially a Box Office Phenomenon

Drops only 6 percent in 2nd weekend, hands Melissa McCarthy worse opening of career.

Winning the box office crown with $25 million may not be a record breaker, but Warner Bros.’s Crazy Rich Asians has quietly just made a loud statement.

The total marks just a six percent drop for the romantic comedy, which boasts the first entirely Asian top-of-the-marquee cast for a major Hollywood movie in 25 years, from its opening weekend victory. In the words of The Hollywood Reporter, that $25 million represents “one of the best holds in modern history for a wide release summer title.”

It means that Crazy Rich Asians has become the type of pop culture phenomenon which audiences flock to see to be part of a larger conversation. Already at $76.8 million domestically after its first ten days, the film is likely to become the first romantic comedy to pass the $100 million mark in three years.  Comedies have been in a serious slump of late.

But having a winner means there must be losers in the box office game. Melissa McCarthy’s R-rated puppet comedy, The Happytime Murders, opened in third place with just $10 million, marking a career low for the comedienne in a film in which she is the lead.


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