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Armed Robbers Get Off With Millions From Ritz Paris Hotel

The axe-wielding robbers stole jewelry from the hotel.

Axe-wielding robbers stole jewelry worth more than $5 million from a store in the famed Ritz Paris hotel on Wednesday, officials report. Five people carried out the heist in the late afternoon. Two of them got away, while three others were arrested. No injuries were reported. One police source said about $5.38 million in jewelry had been stolen, but that a bag had been recovered and it possibly contained some of the loot. The hotel first opened in 1898 and was the first Paris hotel that had electricity on all floors and bathrooms inside the rooms, writes Reuters. Ernest Hemingway used to frequent the bar and it was at the Ritz that Princess Diana spent her last night in 1997 before the car crash that killed her. Armed robbers have been known to target the square in central Paris where the Ritz is located.

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