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Milo Yiannopoulos to Self-Publish Memoir—and Sue Simon & Schuster for $10 Million

The alt-right personality's book was dropped by the publisher after his controversial child abuse comments.

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Milo Yiannopoulos vows that he will self-publish his memoir Dangerous and sue Simon & Schuster for $10 million for reneging his book deal.

The publisher dropped Yiannopoulos in February after he made controversial comments during a radio interview that appeared to condone pedophilia. In the ensuing firestorm, he was disinvited to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and resigned from his position as tech editor at Breitbart.

Yiannopouis says he was paid a $250,000 advance for the book, according to  The Guardian.

“I want to send them a message that they can never again do this to a libertarian or a conservative,” Yiannopoulos said a YouTube live stream last week.

The alt-right personality’s memoir will be the first title published under his own label Dangerous Books, which will focus on backing authors who “can’t get published.” It’s part of his nascent media company Milo, Inc., created in April after he left Breitbart.

The new venture will be “a fully tooled-up talent factory and management company dedicated to the destruction of political correctness and the progressive left,” according to a press release.

His way with words was a lot less beneficial to him during that now -infamous radio interview in February, in which he called the age of consent was “not this black and white thing” and added relationships “between younger boys and older men … can be hugely positive experience,”

Yiannopouis later said his point was misconstrued and that child abuse is “a horrible thing.”

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