John Scott Lewinski

As a writer, John Scott Lewinski hustles around the world, writing for more than 30 international magazines and news sites. He covers lifestyle, travel, cars, motorcycles, technology, golf, liquor, fashion and other related topics. Along the way, he chased tornados across five states; drove an amateur stage of the Baja 500; lived like Neolithic man off the Orkneys; raced a Corvette Stingray to the 2015 MLB All-Star Game; pulled lobster pots in the Atlantic off the Isle of Scilly; won a Dabbawala race through Mumbai; flew a plane over Los Angeles; blended his own Scotch outside Glasgow; attended cowboy school in Montana; remotely piloted a $65 million lunar lander; competed in a rally race through Lithuania; controlled the Fountains at the Bellagio; blew his own glass in Colorado; drove the car that won the Dakar Rally through Death Valley; played in a cross-country golf tournament in France and served as keeper for a day at the London Zoo.