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This is Salma Hayek’s Birthday Weekend, and She Has a Lot to Celebrate

The day before Labor Day, the actress turns 52.

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She’s married to a billionaire (French entrepreneur Francois-Henri Pinault) and she looks like a million bucks.

Since getting her big break in 1995 when she starred opposite Antonio Banderas in  Desperado, Salma Hayek Pinault has been a solid, if underappreciated, leading lady.

In addition to starring in films like Dogma, Wild Wild West, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico during her on-screen career, Hayek has been active behind the camera as a producer and director.

She’s got a talent for that as well—Hayek Pinault the producer was able to get the most out of Hayek Pinault the actress in 2002’s Frida which she both produced and starred in as Frida Kahlo.

Heralded by critics, the film was nominated for six Academy Awards, including a best actress nod for Hayek. Though she didn’t win it, Hayek Pinault became the first Latin actress to be nominated in that category, quite an accomplishment.

On top of her accomplishments in film, Hayek Pinault could easily have made her bank modeling as well.

For proof, look no further than the Instagram account where she curates a good mix of current photos and classic throwback pics.

Enjoy and join us in wishing the birthday woman Feliz Cumpleaños.