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At 58, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is a Comedic Tour de Force

Celebrate her birthday by looking back on 10 of the sitcom star’s best moments.

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When Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, and NBC showed the pilot for The Seinfeld Chronicles – a sitcom about three guys on New York’s Upper West Side – to test audiences, it bombed.

The problem with the show was obvious: it was missing the touch of a woman.

“We said, ‘You have to add a girl,’ ” then-NBC exec Warren Littlefield remembered to The Washingon Post last year. “We’re not going to tell you a lot, but add a woman.”

So, for the nine seasons that the show aired, Jerry, George, and Kramer received the company of Elaine Benes, a combative character who helped make Julia Louis-Dreyfus a household name in homes that watch comedies. 

Now, nearly 30 years after the Elaine-less premiere of The Seinfeld Chronicles, Louis-Dreyfus – who received the Mark Twain Prize for Humor last year – is one of the greatest sitcom stars in the history of modern television.

And, this weekend on the 13th, Louis-Dreyfus, a breast cancer survivor, is celebrating turning 58. Well, given the proximity to 60, Louis-Dreyfus may not be, but we are and have rounded up some of her best moments in honor of her birthday. 

So sit back with some Jujyfruits, a chocolate babka, or a big salad and take in 10 of the best moments of Louis-Dreyfus’ career from Seinfeld, Veep, SNL, and elsewhere.

No. 1 – Dancing as Elaine on Seinfeld

No. 2 – Informing Gary She Is Going to Be President as Selina on Veep

No. 3 – Delivering a Christmas Message on SNL

No. 4 – Plotting With Joe Biden as Selina in an HBO promo

No. 5 – Fighting With David Puddy as Elaine

No. 6 – Accepting a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress as Herself

No. 7 – Crashing a parents’ coffee hour on The New Adventure of Old Christine

No. 8 – On Arrested Development as Maggie Lizer

No. 9 – Confronting a Congresswoman 

No. 10 – Trying on Socks With Mr. Pitt