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Viral Video Shows Sea Lion Yanking Girl Into Water

The terrifying moment at a Canadian seaside dock was caught on tape.

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Chilling video of a sea lion lunging out of the water to drag young girl off a dock went viral over the weekend, the Washington Post reports.

Food was reportedly used to lure the animal close to the dock in Steveston, a seaside community on Canada’s western coast, where tourists and onlookers gathered to interact with the wild animal.

But the interaction quickly turned harrowing when the young girl sat down to be closer to the animal, which then darted to snatch her from her perch. Onlookers scream in horror, and the video shows a man immediately jumping in to save the girl from being pulled completely under.

The identities of both the near victim and her savior remain unknown.

“They were pretty shaken up,” Michael Fujiwara, who posted the video online, told CBC News. “Her family was just in shock.”

See for yourself.

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