‘Big Papi’ Transitions From World Series Hero to Analyst

David Ortiz knows a thing or two about making an impression in front of a microphone.

The man who dropped the most famous ‘F-bomb’ in sports history, in a famous speech at Fenway Park just five days after the Boston Bombings in 2013, now has a job speaking to people in the comfort of their homes every night from a broadcast booth on TV. He’s not the most polished on camera and is vastly different from his well-coiffed television partner and former nemesis Alex Rodriguez, but it’s Big Papi’s charm and sincerity that really shine in the broadcast booth.

“I’ve called him the Magic Johnson of our game for over a decade,” Rodriguez said to Sports Illustrated. “He’s the one guy that crosses over. He’s the one guy that everyone loves. He appeals to the masses. It was fascinating. He broke our hearts so many damn times. But even Yankee fans like Big Papi.”

The two first met as a part of the Seattle Mariners organization in the 1990s, and now their relationship has developed into one of mutual respect and admiration. That shows up on TV, where Ortiz plays the fun foil to Rodriguez’s buttoned-up approach, even teasing A-Rod about his new girlfriend, actress Jennifer Lopez.

“I really like the A-Rod that I’ve been dealing with these past three weeks,” Ortiz told Sports Illustrated. “You know what? I even make the comment to him at some point: Did J. Lo have something to do with this?”

Big Papi’s larger-than-life personality was a staple of MLB for decades, and now his personality shines through the screen. With the World Series in full swing and Ortiz settling into his role on camera, it’s a job the former Boston Red Sox star feels like he can perform at an elite level for a long time.

“I don’t try to be Mr. Perfect,” Ortiz said. “I just try to talk about what I know in the way I know how.”

Document From National Archives Proves That the U.S. Government Believed in Yeti

Sir Edmund Hillary with Yeti
Sir Edmund Hillary, who summited Mount Everest, shows a picture of an Abominable Snowman [a.k.a. “yeti], which he hoped to capture on his next expedition to the Himalayas. (Bettmann/Contributor)
The National Archives has been known to cough up some pretty odd material. One document, written at the tail end of the Eisenhower administration, might trump them all. In a foreign service dispatch dated December 1959—written on State Department letterhead from the U.S. embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal—an operative discussed the yeti as if it were a real-life creature and mapped out ways to hunt it down and catch it. Despite the U.S. government’s belief in the creature’s existence, to this day, the yeti has yet to be captured, dead or alive—or even on camera. Take a closer look at the document below.

Yeti Expedition Memo
(The National Archives)

Wear a Watch Like the One FDR Donned at the Yalta Conference

The “CT” in Tiffany and Co.’s CT60 watch collection’s name comes from founder Charles Lewis Tiffany; but the inspiration for the collection itself has quite a bit more historic roots. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was presented with the timepiece below as a birthday gift, and he ended up wearing it at the historic Yalta Conference in 1945. To browse the CT60 collection, click here.

FDR's Watch
(Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.)

This Picture Is Made Out of Torn-Up Postcards

Brazilian artist and photographer Vik Muniz has made a name for himself transforming famous images or works of art into new pieces of art, using things like trash and chocolate syrup as his “paint.” For the below image, Muniz used torn-up postcards. Interested in buying it? Click here. For more of Muniz’s art, visit his website.

Vik Muniz
(Rena Bransten Gallery)