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Some of the Most Bizarre Objects People Have Tried to Sneak Past TSA

Live animals, grenades, even human skull fragments have been confiscated.

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We’ve all forgotten that rogue pair of tweezers or full water bottle in our carry-on bag as we go through security, only to have to chuck it out before getting scanned. But TSA finds a lot more than make-up tools or the odd yogurt tucked away in travelers’ things.

In 2017, over two million passengers a day traveled through 440 federalized airports, and a record setting 3,957 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country. That averages out to 76.1 firearms per week. Twenty-nine firearms were discovered in one month alone at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Other dangerous, surprising and even just plain weird items confiscated by TSA from carry-ons, checked bags, and sometimes right off a passenger’s person include hand grenades, eels, a replica gun belt buckle, animals and even human skull fragments. Check out the snaps below to see what else TSA has discovered.

What you’re seeing here is a cool little piece of history that was discovered in a carry-on bag by TSA officers at the Albany International Airport (ALB). It’s the original prototype of what is known today as the stabby cat. … Originally known in the mid-18th Century as “Ye Olde Cleaving Cat,” it was forged by famed blacksmith Jeduthan Jabb at his Williamsburg, Virginia shop. It had the same purpose then as it does today. Self defense. While they were permitted on wagons in the 18th century, they are not permitted in the cabin of a commercial aircraft today. … One more thing about Jeduthan Jabb. He wasn’t a very tall man. Not nearly as tall as this tale we’ve told you. In fact, he didn’t even exist. But hey, it really was discovered at ALB and it is prohibited. … Please pack these in your checked bags and be sure to familiarize yourself with local laws as these are illegal in some states.

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