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Mark Zuckerberg Takes His Wife on New Honeymoon Every Year

Facebook CEO made promise to wife after having to cut first one short.

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Although “for poorer” really didn’t apply in Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla’s wedding vows, it turns out the tech giant’s CEO is clearly a hopeless romantic.

As Zuckerberg noted in a recent Facebook post, marking his fifth wedding anniversary, he had to cut his first honeymoon short a few days so he could be with his team for the rollout of the Facebook IPO.

So he promised his wife that they’d go on a new honeymoon every year.

As Zuckerberg explains in the post, he and his wife have since spent their annual honeymoon in destinations such as France and Japan, and this year they’ visited rural Maine (he’s since posted follow-ups about hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail and meeting with local businesspeople during the trip).

The Facebook founder ended the post on a rather romantic note, saying, “One lesson I’ve learned from marriage is that exploring together just gets better over time.”