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Indonesian Town Transformed into Rainbow-Colored Tourist Attraction

Kampung Pelangi has become an Instagram sensation after getting a colorful makeover.

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After hundreds of homes in Kampung Pelangi were given a colorful paint job, the town’s become an overnight sensation on social media.

Hoping to attract outside visitors, the local tourism agency suggested the vibrant makeover. After the rainbow transformation, the Jakarta Post reports visitors from across Indonesia have made trips to the village, which benefits its residents who sell souvenirs and snacks.

Judging by its reception on Instagram, Kampung Pelangi might be getting a few international visitors as well.

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Over 200 homes across two housing units were given the multi-colored makeover in April. Murals adorn the walls of many of the homes, too.

In addition to boosting tourism, the project was designed to clean-up the village, which had fallen into disarray.

The government allocated 300 million rupiahs for the project, but the town’s mayor hopes community fundraising could pay for additional homes to be painted, according to the Jakarta Post. 

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